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We are excited to build you the website of your dreams! From custom layouts, responsive websites, mobile-friendly implementation, and more, our web designers have the knowledge, passion, and the tools to help you succeed. Greenwich is such a great community of professionals and businesses and we’d love to join forces! Let us know if you’d like to meet at our office or if you’d like us to come to you!



The first step we’ll take in the web design process is to learn about your business in Greenwich. We’ll sit down with you to grasp what your expectations, requirements and goals are for your site. In addition, we’ll analyze and check out competitors in the industry to make sure you are meeting those standards to draw in customers and grow awareness.  


As we learn about the specifications needed to build your site, we’ll create a general timeline of when to expect certain elements. After, we’ll create a customized sitemap and blueprint that lays out the structure of your site. Lastly, we’ll build a wireframe, make you a mock site, and let you review it to get a better glimpse of how it’ll look visually.


Content can really make or break a website. When it comes to your Greenwich business, you can either provide us with your own for us to incorporate, or have our team create original content. You may also consider utilizing a content writing service. Whether you choose option one or all three, we’ll be sure to review, edit and share the final draft before publication.


Graphics, videos, animations, color themes, font styles and more begin to be incorporated in the design state. This is where you’ll really begin to see your site come together and reflect upon your Greenwich business. We’ll let you review the mock and provide us with any feedback prior to sending the site over to our development team.